Hello! I am a User Experience Designer and Researcher. I am currently doing a Master's in Human Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I am passionate about the user and believe that creating empathy is the first step towards a positive user experience. My knowledge of technology combined with engineering give me the ability to work with all kinds of products regardless of interface. The skills I am now building in research and design give me the ability to rapidly prototype both low fidelity sketches and high fidelity prototypes and create front end web content.

My communication skills allow me to express ideas clearly and effectively and work in tandem with content strategists, engineers and product managers. Below are some recommendations from people I've worked with in the past.


Steve Fadden
Director, Analytics UX Research, Salesforce; Lecturer, School of Information, UC Berkeley
August 6, 2017, Steve managed Azalea directly

I had the great fortune to have Azalea join our Analytics UX Research team for an internship this summer. She quickly learned our products and processes, and actively collaborated from her first day. She has amazing initiative combined with a sense of responsibility and a desire to learn that made her a joy to work with. In her first week, Azalea was actively engaged in several projects, developing instruments and a protocol to lead an in-depth interview study, and conducting qualitative analysis, interpretation, and synthesis of data from a complex survey. 

Throughout her internship, Azalea worked on a number of high-priority and high-visibility projects, always seeking additional opportunities to collaborate with the team. She presented her results very effectively, consulting with teammates and others to identify ways to best communicate complex ideas to diverse audiences. Azalea also exhibited very effective balance between seeking feedback for guidance (including asking for constructive feedback about her methods, approach, and working style) and forging ahead to complete her work. In addition to being punctual and prepared, Azalea is very personable. She's an ideal "team player" who's open, friendly, engaged, and always looking for opportunities to learn. I give my highest recommendation for Azalea, and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again!

Anwesha Samanta
Senior Product Designer at Salesforce.com
November 19, 2017, Azalea worked with Anwesha in the same group

Azalea was one of the best interns we have had in the Analytics UX team at Salesforce. I had the fortune of working with her during Summer 2017. Azalea is extremely sharp and quickly ramped on understanding the product asking well thought out questions and collaborating with the team. 

Right after she joined we wanted user feedback on a charting design that needed to be implemented soon. Azalea stepped up to help with the research project and did a great job. She analyzed the survey responses and helped us take a more informed decision that helped our users add markers to charts. I hope to work with Azalea again in the future not just because she is smart and talented but also because she is fun and a great team player.